This is a list of medical mnemonics categorized by subjects.

Table of Contents

Pharmacology Mnemonics

Mnemonic to remember Pharmacology of Cephalosporins

Opioid receptors mnemonic

Pharmacokinetics mnemonics

Beta-blocker mnemonics

Biochemistry Mnemonics

Amino acids Mnemonics

Urea Cycle explained in mnemonic

Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis Mnemonic

Kreb’s Cycle Mnemonic

Electron Transport Chain mnemonic

Cholesterol synthesis mnemonic

Genetic Inheritance Pattern – Rule Mnemonics

Enzyme defects in Types of Porphyria – Mnemonic

Glycogen storage diseases – mnemonic

Fatty acid chain length and GI absorption site – mnemonic

Tyrosinemia enzymes – mnemonic

Microbiology Mnemonics

Rickettsial diseases and Weil Felix reaction

Pathology Mnemonics

Apoptosis and Anti-apoptotic genes mnemonics

Chemokines mnemonics

Tumor suppressor genes mnemonic

HLA association mnemonics

Physiology Mnemonics

Coagulation factors and pathway – mnemonics

Protein C and S pathway – Mnemonic

Hematopoietic growth factors list with mnemonics

Erythropoietin stimulation – mnemonic

Orexigenic and Antiorexigenic peptides – mnemonic

Mechanoreceptors – mnemonic

Signaling pathway of hormones – mnemonic

Lung volumes and capacities – mnemonic

Sleep stages and EEG – mnemonic

Sarcomere structure – mnemonic

Genetics Mnemonics

Trinucleotide repeat disorders and anticipation mnemonics

Surgery Mnemonics

Mnemonic based approach to grading and planning treatment of BPH

Liver segments Pictorial mnemonic

Neuroanatomy and Neurology Mnemonics

Lateral Medullary Syndrome (Wallenberg syndrome) – Anatomical basis mnemonic

Medial Medullary Syndrome (Djerine’s syndrone) – Anatomical basis mnemonic

Peripheral Branches of Facial Nerve – Mnemonic

Midbrain cross-section Visual mnemonic

Pons cross-section Visual mnemonic

Medulla cross-section Visual mnemonic

Thalamic connections mnemonic

Circle of Willis mnemonic

Nuclei of hypothalamus mnemonic

Auditory pathway mnemonic

Lumbosacral Plexus mnemonic

Multiple sclerosis mnemonic

Guillain Barre Syndrome mnemonic – Asbury criteria and Management

Dizziness History taking – Mnemonic

Decorticate and Decerebrate Rigidity : Mnemonics

Acute Stroke Management : Mnemonic Approach

Anatomy Mnemonics

Applied microanatomy or Histology of Cornea Mnemonic

Superficial flexors of Forearm – Mnemonic

Cavernous sinus Contents – Mnemonic

Germ layer derivatives – Rule Mnemonics

Maxillary Artery Mnemonic

Branches of Subclavian artery : Mnemonic

Axillary Artery Mnemonics

Neurovascular relations in Anatomy – Mnemonics

Structures passing through sciatic foramen and pudendal canal – Mnemonics

Structures passing through jugular foramen – mnemonic

Uterus and cervix lymphatic drainage – mnemonics

Retroperitoneal organs – mnemonic

Superficial veins of forearm – mnemonic

Anesthesiology Mnemonics

Superficial Cervical Plexus Block Mnemonic

Mapleson breathing system Mnemonic

Local Anesthetics Mnemonic

Radiology Mnemonics

Systematic Approach to Frontal Chest X-ray

Ophthalmology Mnemonics

Glaucomatous Optic Disc Changes Made Simple

Embryology of eye mnemonics

Psychiatry Mnemonics

Depression Criteria mnemonic

Substance abuse and dependence mnemonics

Personality disorders mnemonics

Clinical Examination Mnemonics

Causes of Clubbing – Mnemonic

Causes of Pitting Edema – Mnemonic

Causes of Central and Peripheral Cyanosis – Mnemonic

Mini-Mental State Examination – Mnemonic

Emergency Medicine Mnemonics

Status Epilepticus Management – Mnemonic

Acute Pancreatitis Etiology – Mnemonic

Pulmonology Mnemonics

Bronchiectasis Severity Index – Mnemonic

Combined Assessment of COPD (CAT) – Mnemonic

Causes of Hemoptysis – Mnemonic

Well’s criteria and PERC’s criteria for Pulmonary Embolism – Mnemonic

Pulmonology Mnemonics by Henrique Durao

Cardiology Mnemonics

Heart failure Mnemonics:

Revised Jone’s Criteria Mnemonic

Hepatobiliary Mnemonics

Child Pugh Score mnemonic

Choledochal cyst – Todani classification Mnemonic

Hematology Mnemonics

Multiple myeloma mnemonics:

Hematopoietic growth factors mnemonic

Working formulation of Non-hodgkin lymphoma mnemonic

Endocrinology Mnemonics

MEN syndrome mnemonics

DKA : Mnemonic Approach and Clinical Aspects

Somogyi effect and Dawn Phenomenon : Mnemonic

Neonatology Mnemonics

Neonatal Jaundice – History Mnemonics

Pediatric Mnemonics

Kawasaki Disease – Diagnostic Criteria Mnemonic

Fever and Rash : Mnemonic Based Approach

Developmental milestones – Mnemonics

Dental eruptions – Mnemonics

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia – Mnemonics

ORS and ReSoMal Mnemonic

Orthopedic Mnemonics

Carpal Bones Ossification: Mnemonic

Salter Harris Classification for Physeal Fracture: Mnemonic

Gynecology and Obstetrics Mnemonics

Fetal skull dimensions – mnemonics

Female pelvis – mnemonics

Coomb’s test : Mnemonic

Toxicology Mnemonics

Chronic lead poisoning mnemonics

Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Poisoning: Mnemonic Approach

Infectious Disease Mnemonics

Dengue Classification : Mnemonic

ECG Mnemonics

ECG Axis Determination : Mnemonic

Bundle Branch Block : Mnemonic