Retroperitoneal Organs : Mnemonic

Retroperitoneal organs are partly covered on one side with parietal peritoneum. They are immobile or fixed. The classification of retroperitoneal organs divides primary and secondary retroperitoneal organs due to the embryonic development. The characteristic difference between them is that secondary retroperitoneal organs lost their mesentery during development, while the primary retroperitoneal organs never had mesentery.


Retroperitoneal structures : SAD PUCKER

  1. Suprarental glands
  2. Aorta and Inferior venacava
  3. Duodenum (except 1st part)
  4. Pancreas (except tail)
  5. Ureters
  6. Colon (Ascending and Descending only), Cysterna chyli
  7. Kidneys
  8. Esophagus (Anterior and Left covered)
  9. Rectum

Primary retroperitoneal structures:

  1. Kidneys
  2. Adrenal glands
  3. Ureters
  4. Aorta
  5. Inferior venacava
  6. Lower rectum

Secondary retroperitoneal structures:

  1. Duodenum (descending and horizontal part)
  2. Pancreas (head, neck and body)
  3. Ascending colon
  4. Descending colon
  5. Lower rectum

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