Lymphatic drainage of Uterus and Cervix : Mnemonic

Lymphatic drainage of the uterus is via the iliac, sacral, aortic and inguinal lymph nodes.

Mnemonic: USA ME LIES


1. Upper portion: Superficial inguinal and Aortic

  • Fundus and superior uterine body: Aortic (Pre- and Para-aortic) lymph node
  • Cornu: Superficial inguinal lymph node

2. Middle portion (Uterine body): External iliac nodes

3. Lower portion (Cervix): Internal iliac nodes, External iliac nodes, Sacral nodes

Lymphatic drainage of vagina:

  1. Upper 2/3: Cervical lymphatics
  2. Below hymen: Superficial inguinal lymph nodes

lymphatic draiange of uterus

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