Choledochal Cysts : Mnemonic for Todani Classification


choledochocele todani

Todani Classification of Choledochal cysts

Mnemonic: Consider I is “Extrahepatic” and V is “Intrahepatic”, then –

  • Type I, II and III = Extrahepatic
  • Type IV = Extrahepatic + Intrahepatic
  • Type V = Intrahepatic

Most common: Type I

2nd most common: Type IV

Type I-III: Extrahepatic

Mnemonic: 123 EDC

Type I: Entire CBD dilated

Type II: Diverticulum

Type III: Choledochocele (Intraduodenal portion of CBD)

Type IV: Extrahepatic + Intrahepatic

Mnemonic: A for “And or Additional” and B for “Bunch”

Type IVa: Both intrahepatic AND extrahepatic cysts

Type IVb: Multiple extrahepatic cysts only

Type V: Intrahepatic cysts only (Caroli’s disease)

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