Neurovascular Relations in Anatomy

Porta hepatis

Mnemonic: DAVE

From anterior to posterior:

  1. Ducts (right and left hepatic duct branches)
  2. Arteries (right and left hepatic artery branches)
  3. Vein (portal vein)
  4. Epiploic foramen (foramen of Winslow)

Femoral triangle or Scarpa’s triangle

Mnemonic: NAVEL

From lateral to medial

  1. Nerve (femoral nerve and femoral branch of genitofemoral nerve)
  2. Artery (femoral artery)
  3. Vein (femoral vein and it’s tributary – great saphenous vein)
  4. Empty space (femoral canal)
  5. Lymph node of Cloquet/Rosenmuller and Lymphatics (within femoral canal)

All are contents of the femoral sheath except the femoral nerve.

Tarsal Tunnel (Within Flexor Retinaculum, Posterior to Medial malleolus)

Mnemonic: Tom, Dick And Very Nervous Harry

From anterior to posterior

  1. Tibialis (tibialis posterior)
  2. Digitorum (flexor digitorum longus)
  3. Artery (posterior tibial artery)
  4. Vein (posterior tibial vein)
  5. Nerve (tibial nerve)
  6. Hallucis (flexor hallucis longus)

Carotid Sheath

carotid sheath

Mnemonic: VNA – AS

From lateral to medial

  1. Vein (internal jugular vein)
  2. Nerve (vagus nerve)
  3. Artery (internal carotid artery in upper part and common carotid artery in lower part)

Outside carotid sheath:

  1. Anterior: Ansa cervicalis
  2. Posterior: Sympathetic chain

Cubital Fossa

Contents from lateral to medial

Mnemonic: R-TAN

  1. Radial nerve (not always strictly considered as part of cubital fossa)
  2. Tendon (Biceps tendon)
  3. Artery (Brachial artery)
  4. Nerve (Median nerve)

Cubital tunnel is a space through which ulnar nerve passes posterior to the medial epicondyle of humerus, under the cubital tunnel retinaculum (ligament or band of Osborne)

Subcutanoeus structures from lateral to medial

Mnemonic: CMB

  1. Cephalic vein
  2. Median cubital vein (preferred site of venipuncture
  3. Basilic vein

Popliteal fossa

Mnemonic: PeN TiN VAN

From lateral to medial

  1. Peroneal Nerve
  2. Tibial Nerve
  3. Vein (Popliteal vein)
  4. Artery (Popliteal artery)
  5. Nerve (Genicular branch of obturator nerve – descends upon popliteal artery)

Intercostal space

Superior to inferior along the inferior border of the rib

Mnemonic: VAN

  1. Vein (intercostal vein)
  2. Artery (intercostal artery)
  3. Nerve (intercostal nerve)

Collateral neurovascular bundle runs along the superior border of the rib in the lower part of intercostal space in reverse order, i.e. NAV

  1. Nerve
  2. Artery
  3. Vein

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