Beta-Blockers : Mnemonics

We have 1 heart and 2 lungs.

a. B1 – heart
b. B2 – bronchial wall

beta blocker

Cardioselective (B1) vs Non-selective (B1 and B2) beta blockers

Beta blockers with 1st letter from A to N are Cardioselective:

  1. Acebutolol
  2. Atenolol
  3. Bispoprolol
  4. Betaxolol
  5. Celiprolol
  6. Esmolol
  7. Metoprolol
  8. Nebivolol

Nebivolol = NO donor

Beta blockers with 1st letter from O to Z are Non-selective:

  1. Pindolol
  2. Propanolol
  3. Sotalol
  4. Timolol

Both alpha and beta blockers: Labetalol, Bucindolol, Carvedilol

Beta blockers with Intrinsic sympathomimetic activity (ISA) or parital agonists

Mnemonic: Buci & Celi took Cart, Pen, Pin to Ace Lab.

  1. Buci-ndolol
  2. Celi-prolol
  3. Cart-elol
  4. Pen-butolol, Ox-pren-olol, Al-pren-olol
  5. Pindolol
  6. Acebutolol
  7. Labetalol

Beta-blockers with Membranse stabilizing activity (MSA)/Na+ blocking action (Local anesthetic/Anti-arrhythmic activity)

Mnemonic: Professor Meto took Pin to Ace Lab.

  1. Propanolol (maximum MSA)
  2. Metoprolol
  3. Pindolol
  4. Acebutolol
  5. Labetalol

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