Carpal Bones Ossification: Mnemonic

Roughly one center appears per year from the age of 1 year to 7 years, anti-clockwise in right hand and clock-wise in left hand looking from the anterior surface, i.e. from ulnar side to radial side. Pisiform, being a sesamoid bone it gets left behind and only develops years later.

  1. capitate: 1-3 months
  2. hamate: 2-4 months
  3. triquetrum: 2-3 years
  4. lunate: 2-4 years
  5. scaphoid: 4-6 years
  6. trapezium: 4-6 years
  7. trapezoid: 4-6 years
  8. pisiform: 8-12 years

Also it’s nice to know the appearance of ossification center of:

  1. Distal radius: 1 year
  2. Distal ulna: 4-5 years

carpal bones ossification

A video mnemonic:

If this visual mnemonic doesn’t help you, here’s another mnemonic to help you remember.

Camera Has Three Lens, So Take Three Photos.

  1. Capitate
  2. Hamate
  3. Triquetral
  4. Lunate
  5. Scaphoid
  6. Trapezium
  7. Trapezoid
  8. Pisiform

Also, if you’ve been having hard time remembering if the location of trapezium and trapezoid, just remember that the trapeziUM is towards thUMb and trapezoID is insIDe.

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