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To this end, we have created an online library of resources for medical professionals and medical students for patient management and cracking competitive medical exams as well. We also feature a blog where one can express their experiences or publish creative medical pieces like essays and poetry.

We welcome interested writers to be a part of Epomedicine. If you have something to say, something to share, something to teach – write to us.

Pieces take anywhere between 1-5 days to be reviewed and published.

Aims and Scope of Epomedicine

The subjects we cover are broadly categorized under seven sections:

  2. Clinical skills and approaches
  3. Surgical skills
  4. Clinical discussions
  5. Emergency medicine
  6. Blog
  7. Medical mnemonics

We are interested in:

  1. Content dedicated to medical students (including mnemonics and simplification of concepts)
  2. Interesting clinical cases and case reports
  3. Experiences in medical settings as a medical personnel or a patient
  4. Living with chronic illnesses – experiences and coping strategies
  5. Medical news review and analysis


  1. Relevance: strictly to medicine and health
  2. Original content: not published online elsewhere
  3. Word count: no hard and fast rule
  4. Image/art: Images submitted must be either:
    • Own creation or
    • Copyright free images from pixabay or unsplash or
    • Images having Creative Commons (CC) or public domain license with appropriate attribution (search in openverse)

Learn about Creative Commons License.

Sponsored category articles

Following types of articles will not be entertained for free. If you are interested in publishing, contact us for further details.

  1. Containing affiliate, sponsored or keyword links
  2. Promoting individual product/services/companies
  3. We prefer payments via payoneer

Contact: [email protected]


Needless to say, posts with following characteristic(s) will be directly refused.

  1. Previously published in any modified form
  2. Containing links to unrelated sites
  3. Inappropriate or abusive language
  4. Defamatory content or suggestion
  5. Linking out to banned or adult sites
  6. Too many grammatical errors

Accompany your short biography

  1. Name
  2. Display picture
  3. Something about yourself for your readers in about 200 words
  4. Links to your social profiles (if available)

Before starting to write

  1. Read the guidelines carefully.
  2. Do some research when writing.

During manuscript submission

  1. Make your work presentable.
  2. Submit attachment(s) of images in your content

Before publishing

  1. It will be reviewed by the editors.
  2. It may be modified.

After publication

  1. Share on your social media.
  2. Reply to the comments on your article.


Send it to us through:
1. [email protected] or
2. [email protected] or
3. contact form

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