We’d love to have someone who can contribute to this site in a meaningful and informative way. So, if you have something to say, something to share, something to teach – be a part of Epomedicine.


The topics you are allowed to write is strictly restricted to the medical field. We are currently interested in:

  1. Articles focusing medical students
  2. Clinical cases and approach to them
  3. Interesting case pictures
  4. Experiences in medical settings
  5. Living with a disease
  6. Medical news review and analysis


  1. Relevance: to medicine
  2. Original content: not published online elsewhere
  3. Word count: more than 300 words
  4. Stick to one topic at a time


  1. Containing affiliate, sponsored or keyword links
  2. Previously published in any modified form
  3. Promoting individual product/services/companies
  4. Containing links to unrelated sites
  5. Inappropriate or abusive language
  6. Defamatory content or suggestion
  7. Linking out to banned or adult sites
  8. Too many grammatical errors


  1. Name
  2. Profile picture
  3. One line about you
  4. Links to your social profiles


  1. It will be reviewed by the editors.
  2. It may be modified.


Send it to us: [email protected] OR use the contact form


  1. Do some research.
  2. Make your work presentable.
  3. Provide relevant images.
  4. Make sure the content follows  the guidelines.
  5. After the article is published, share on your social media.
  6. Reply to the comments on your article.

2 Replies to “Author Guidelines”

  1. I am a retired professor of psychiatry, I am writting my second book on basic neuroanatomy. This book was formerly (accepted) at Springer, and is now being considered for self publication or with some academic presses who have expressed interest. I would like to obtain permission to use one of you frames/illustrations on your site. Do you have a formal requisition protocol, permission request? Please let me know if this is so, I will generate said request


    Andrew Lautin, MD

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