Maxillary Artery Mnemonic

Origin of Maxillary artery: Terminal branch of External Carotid Artery (ECA)

Derived from: 1st Arch

Divisions of Maxillary artery: 3 parts by lateral pterygoid

  1. 1st part (Mandibular part): winds around deep to neck of mandible
  2. 2nd part (Pterygoid part): travels between 2 heads of lateral pterygoid
  3. 3rd part (Pterygopalatine part): enters pterygopalatine fossa containing pterygopalatine galnglion

maxillary artery

Branches of Maxillary artery


  1. Each of the 3 divisions gives off 5 branches.
  2. Mandibular artery, i.e. Inferior alveolar artery is a branch of maxillary artery
  3. 2nd part: Branches supply muscles of mastication and do not cross through foramina in bones (all branches from 1st and 2nd part do cross)

Branches from 1st part

Mnemonic: Mandibular part gives off branches to 5M“s:

  1. Meatus (External auditory meatus)
  2. Meninges and mater (duramater)
  3. Meckel’s cave
  4. Mandible
  5. Membrane (tympanic membrane)

Mnemonic: Remember the branches with the mnemonic “DAMIA

Clinical significance: Middle meningeal artery injury results in Extradural hematoma (EDH).

a. Deep auricular artery: External acoustic meatus

b. Anterior tympanic artery: Tympanic membrane

c. Middle meningeal artery: Duramamter and Skull bones

d. Inferior alveolar artery: Mandible

e. Accessory meningeal artery: Middle fossa duramater and Meckel’s cave (trigeminal ganglion)

Branches from the 2nd part

Mnemonic: They supply muscles of mastication which are also derivatives of the 1st arch.

a. Anterior and Posterior Deep temporal artery: Temporalis

b. Pterygoid artery: Lateral and medial pterygoids

c. Masseteric artery: Masseter

d. Buccal of Buccinator artery: Buccinator

Branches from the 3rd part

Mnemonic: Remember the 5P“s

a. Posterior superior alveolar artery: Maxilla

b. Pterygoid canal artery: Upper part of pharynx and tympanic cavity

c. Palatine – Descending palatine artery: Gives off greater and lesser palatine artery and supplies hard and soft palate respectively

d. Palatine – Sphenopalatine or Nasopalatine artery: Supplies nasal cavity

e. Pharyngeal artery: Pharynx

There’s one more branch from the 3rd part, i.e. Infraorbital artery which gives off Anterior and Middle Superior Alveolar Artery.

Clinical significance: Sphenopalatine artery is a common cause of posterior epistaxis and may need ESPAL (Endoscopic Sphenopalatine Artery Ligation).

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