Revised Jone’s Criteria – Mnemonic

Remember SPACE LEAF for Revised Jone’s Criteria (2015).

jones criteria

Major criteria

Mnemonic: SPACE

  1. Subcutaneous nodules
  2. Pancarditis
  3. Arthritis (Polyarthritis; for moderate to high-risk population – monoarthritis also qualifies)
  4. Chorea
  5. Erythema marginatum

Minor criteria

Mnemonic: LEAF

  1. Long PR interval
  2. ESR ≥ 60mm/hr (or ≥ 30mm/hr in moderate to high-risk population) and CRP ≥ 3mg/dl
  3. Arthralgia (Polyarthralgia; for moderate to high-risk population – monoarthralgia also qualifies)
  4. Fever ( ≥ 38.5c; ≥ 38c for moderate to high-risk population )


With evidence of preceding Group A Streptococci infection (Increased or rising ASO titer or culture):

  1. Initial ARF: 2 Major OR 1 Major + 2 Minor
  2. Reccurent ARF: As above OR 3 Minor

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