Axillary Artery Mnemonics

Origin of Axillary Artery: Continuation of Subclavian artery

Extent of Axillary Artery: Outer border of 1st rib to Lower border of teres major (terminates as brachial artery)

Relation to Axillary Vein: Lateral to Axillary Vein

3 Parts of Axillary Artery: In relation to Pectoralis Minor muscle

  1. 1st part: Proximal
  2. 2nd part: Posterior
  3. 3rd part: Distal

Branches of Axillary Artery

1. 1st part gives 1 branch; 2nd part gives 2 branches and 3rd part gives 3 branches.
2. Remember S AL SAP

1. 1st part: S

  • Superior thoracic artery

2. 2nd part: AL

  • Acromio-thoracic artery
  • Lateral thoracic artery

3. 3rd part: SAP

  • Subscapular artery
    • Circumflex scapular artery travels through the triangular space
  • Anterior circumflex humeral artery (ACHA)
  • Posterior circumflex humeral artery (PCHA)
    • PHCA travels through the quadrangular space

Important muscular spaces in the shoulder can be remembered using a 2 hand, 2 finger intersection analogy as described here.

Further 4 branches of acromio-thoracic artery can be remembered using the mnemonic:

Mnemonic: ABCD

  1. Acromial
  2. Breast (pectoral)
  3. Clavicular
  4. Deltoid

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