Branches of Subclavian artery : Mnemonic

Origin of Subclavian artery:

  • Left: Arch of aorta
  • Right: Brachiocephalic artery

Extent of Subclavian artery: Arises posterior to sternoclavicular joint and ends at outer border of 1st rib by becoming acillary artery.

Divisions of Subclavian artery: 3 parts in relation to Scalenus anterior muscle

  1. 1st part (medial to muscle)
  2. 2nd part (posterior to muscle)
  3. 3rd part (lateral to muscle)

subclavian artery branches

Branches of Subclavian artery:

Remember Vitamin C and D

Mnemonic: VIT(sit) C(sid) and D

  • Orange (VIT – from 1st part)
  • Green (C – from 2nd part)
  • Blue (D – from 3rd part)
  1. Vertebral artery
  2. Internal thoracic artery
  3. Thyrocervical trunk
    • Suprascapular artery
    • Inferior thyroid artery (Thyro-)
    • Transverse cervical artery (Cervical)
  4. Costocervical trunk
    • Superior intercostal (Costo-)
    • Deep cervical (Cervical)
  5. Dorsal scapular artery

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