Brodmann Areas and Lesions

Frontal Lobe Area 4 (Precentral gyrus): Primary motor cortex (gigantopyramidal – only area that contains giant pyramidal cells of Betz) Lesion: Contralateral spastic paralysis (UMNL) Area 6 (Superior frontal gyrus; agranular frontal): Premotor cortex and Supplementary motor cortex (Motor planning) Lesion: Apraxia (Unable to perform… Read More

Lipoprotein Metabolism Simplified

Overview of Lipoprotein Metabolism Lipoproteins Composition of Lipoproteins: Non-polar core – mainly triglycerides and cholesteryl esters Single surface layer – amphipathic phospholipids and cholesterol Apoprotein or Apolipoprotein Proteins and lipid contents vary depending upon the type of lipoproteins. Complex Source Density (g/ml) %Protein %TG %PL… Read More