Thyroidectomy Basics

Synonyms: Thyroid resection surgery, Thyroid removal surge Definition: Thyroidectomy is the surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland. A “thyroidectomy” should not be confused with a “thyroidotomy” (“thyrotomy”), which is a cutting into the thyroid, to get access for a median laryngotomy, or to perform… Read More

Facial Nerve Anatomy

SYNONYMS: Cranial nerve seven (VII), Nervus facialis COURSE OF FACIAL NERVE Supranuclear pathways 1. Somatomotor cortex: controlling motor component of facial nerve lies in precentral gyrus (Broadmann area 4,6,8) 2. Volitional component: Corticonuclear tracts descend and cross to supply both ipsilateral and contralateral facial (mainly… Read More