Hilar Arrangement in Lungs, Liver, Kidneys : Mnemonic

Hilum is an indentation in the surface of a kidney, spleen, or other organ, where blood vessels, ducts, nerve fibers, etc. enter and leave it.

Hilum of Lung

Mnemonic: VAD (from anterior to posterior)

  1. pulmonary Veins (Superior and Inferior)
  2. pulmonary Artery
  3. Duct bronchus (Principal bronchus on left, and eparterial and hyparterial bronchus on right)
lungs hilum mnemonic

Hilum of Liver (Porta Hepatis)

Mnemonic: DAVE (from anterior to posterior)

  1. Ducts (right and left hepatic duct)
  2. Artery (right and left hepatic vein)
  3. Vein (portal vein – right and left branches)
  4. Epiploic foramen
hilum of liver mnemonic

Hilum of Kidney

Mnemonic: VAD (from anterior to posterior)

  1. Vein (renal vein)
  2. Artery (renal artery)
  3. Duct (ureter)
renal hilum mnemonic

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