Orthopedic Examination Made Easy

It’s difficult to find a student friendly book on examination techniques in orthopedics and often the students struggle with the sequence and techniques of examination during the exams. Here is a student friendly compilation of orthopedic/musculoskeletal examination in bullets with mnemonics.

1. History taking in Orthopedics

2. Equipment for orthopedic examination

3. General principles of Orthopedic Examination

4. Examination of major joints

a. Knee examination

b. Spine examination

c. Hip examination

5. Other examinations

a. Wrist examintion

b. Hand examination

c. Foot and ankle examination

d. Lump examination

e. Shoulder examination (Coming soon)

f. Elbow examination (Coming soon)

6. Examination of peripheral nerves of hand

a. Radial nerve examination

b. Median nerve examination

c. Ulnar nerve examination

7. Constructing differential diagnoses

Any improvements are heartily welcomed. Please write in comments below.

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