List of Osteochondritis of Different Bones

  1. Osteochondritis of the capitulum of humerus (elbow): panner’s disease
  2. Osteochondritis of the lunate bone: keinbock’s disease
  3. Osteochondritis of the femoral head: perthe’s disease
  4. Osteochondritis of lateral part of medial femoral condyle: osteochondritis dissecans
  5. Osteochondritis of the tibial tubercle: osgood schlatter’s disease
  6. Osteochondritis of lower part of patella: sinding larsen johansson disease
  7. Osteochondritis of the calcaneal tuberosity: sever’s disease
  8. Osteochondritis of the navicular bone: kohler’s disease
  9. Osteochondritis of 2nd metatarsal head: freiberg’s disease
  10. Osteochondritis of 5th metatasal base: islene disease
  11. Osteochondritis of the ring epiphysis of the vertebrae: scheurmann’ s disease
  12. Osteochondritis of the central bony nucleus of vertebral body: calve’s disease

Mnemonic: This mnemonic will only make sense to those who will understand hindi language.

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1. Calve’s – Vertebral body (central nucleus)
2. Scheuermann’s – Ring epiphysis of vertebra
3. Freiberg’s – Metatarsal head
4. Osgood Schlatter’s – Tibial tuberosity
5. Sever’s – Calcaneal tuberosity
6. Kohler’s – Navicular bone
7. Perthe’s – Femoral head
8. Panner’s – Capitulum
9. Kienboch’s – Lunate

Common sites affected by osteochondritis:

  • Commonest: Lateral part of medial femoral condyle
  • 2nd most common: Capitulum of humerus

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