Hip and Shoulder Deformities


Flexion, Abduction, External rotation (FABER) + apparent lengthening: Synovitis

Flexion, Abduction, External rotation (FABER) + true lengthening: Anterior dislocation of hip (Obturator)

Extension+ Abduction + External rotation (EABER): Anterior dislocation of hip (Superior or Pubic)

Flexion, Adduction, Internal rotation (FADIR) + true shortening: Arthritis, Posterior dislocation of hip

Flexion, Adduction, External rotation (FADER) + Shortening: Femoral neck fracture, Primary osteoarthritis, Inter-trochanteric fracture (marked deformity), Slipped femoral epiphysis

Any type possible (Joker lesion): Fracture acetabulum

hip deformity


Flexion, Abduction, External Rotation (FABER): Anterior dislocation of shoulder

Flexion, Adduction, Internation Rotation (FADIR): Posterior dislocation of shoulder

Hyperabduction (Salute position): Inferior dislocation of shoulder


Alphabetically, “B” comes before “D” and “E” comes before “I”. Anterior comes before posterior.

FABER: 1st stage of TB hip (synovitis), Anterior dislocation of hip, Anterior dislocation of shoulder

FADIR: Later stages of TB hip (arthritis stages), Posterior dislocation of hip, Posterior dislocation of shoulder

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