Inguinal Canal : Mnemonics

Walls of Inguinal Canal

Mnemonic: SALP 2 X MALT

Starting from superior, moving counterclockwise in order to posterior:

1. Superior (Roof): 2 Muscles (Internal oblique, Transverse abdominus)

2. Anterior: 2 Aponeuroses (External abdominal oblique, Internal abdominal oblique)

3. Lower (Floor): 2 Ligaments (Lacunar and Inguinal)

4. Posterior: 2 T‘s (conjoint Tendon and Transversalis fascia)

Deep inguinal ring is defect in posterior wall (Transversalis fascia).

Superficial inguinal ring is defect in anterior wall (External abdominal oblique aponeurosis).

inguinal hernias
Dennis M. DePace, PhD, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Inguinal triangle or Hesselbach’s triangle

Mnemonic: RIP

The triangle is defined by following structures:

  1. Medial border: Rectus sheath (lateral margin)
  2. Superolateral border: Inferior epigastric vessels
  3. Inferior border: Poupart’s (inguinal) ligament

Inguinal Hernia

Mnemonic: MDs don’t LIe

  1. Medial to inferior epigastric vessels: Direct hernia
  2. Lateral to inferior epigastric vessels: Indirect hernia

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