Bacterial Food Poisoning

bacterial food poisoning
Khan, Fazal & Chen, Jie-Hua & Zhang, Rui & Liu, Bin. (2023). A comprehensive review of the applications of bacteriophage-derived endolysins for foodborne bacterial pathogens and food safety: recent advances, challenges, and future perspective. Frontiers in Microbiology. 14. 10.3389/fmicb.2023.1259210. [CC BY 4.0]
BacteriaVomitingDiarrheaFeverFood sourceDuration
1-6 hrs (Preformed toxins)
Aureus (S. aureus)++++/-+/-Meats, dairy, bakery24-48 hrs
B. Cereus++++/-Reheated fried rice24 hrs
8-16 hrs
B. Cereus (diarrheal toxin)+/-+++Meats, stews, gravy24-48 hrs
C. Perfringes+/-+++Rewarmed meat and poultry dishes24-48 hrs
>16 hrs
C. Botulinum (12-72 hrs)+/-Canned foodsdays-months
C. Jejuni (2-5 days)+/-+++Poultry, raw milk2-10 days
Cholerae – vibrio (24-72 hrs)++++Contaminated water, Shellfish
ETEC (1-3 days)+/-++++/-Water, fecal contaminated foods3-7 days
EHEC (1-8 days)++++ (bloody)Beef, raw milk, raw vergetables5-10 days
Shigella (1-2 days)+/-+ (blood and pus)+Salad, eggs1-2 days
Salmonella (1-3 days)+++Beef, poultry, eggs, dairy4-7 days
Incubation period – above and in brackets along with the name of bacteria

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