Chemokines Mnemonics

Difference between cytokines and chemokines Cytokines are small proteins released by cells, the function of which is “cell-signaling“. Chemokines are small cytokines, which functions as a “chemo-attractant“. Types of Chemokines When you go through the structural classification of chemokines, you come accross various arrangements of… Read More

Milkmaid’s grip in Chorea

Milkmaid’s Grip Milk maids grip is appreciated as an alternating squeezing and releasing of the finger like a milking motion, when asked to maintain a constant, firm grip of examiner’s fingers. This may reflect a combination of Chorea and Motor impersistence. As a result of… Read More

Tissue Specific and Named Macrophages

Subtle differences in the morphology and functions of macrophages develop as a result of the influence of a particular microenvironment. Appearance of macrophages to histologists have been described as a kind of mythological Proteus, “a creature who had the power of changing his appearance at will”.… Read More

Ascitic Paracentesis : Practical Essentials

Absolute contraindications to Ascitic Tapping (Paracentesis) While some authors have claimed ascitic paracentesis to be free from absolute contraindications, others have listed following as absolute contraindications: Clinically evident fibrinolysis Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) Clinically apparent oozing from needle sticks Acute abdomen requiring surgery Relative contraindications… Read More