Dr. Govinda KC

Who is Dr. Govinda KC (गोविन्द केसी) ? Better known as: GKC Names given by media: Fasting doctor, Nepal’s Edhi, Occupation: Senior Orthopedic surgeron at TUTH (Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital), Kathmandu, Nepal Reason for Limelight: Series of Fast-unto-deaths to put pressure on the government to stop… Read More

Medical College Rankings of Nepal

While there are about 19 medical colleges currently running in Nepal and few more waiting for approval, there is no official body to rank them scientifically based on academic or other criterion. The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is produced by Cybermetrics Lab (CCHS), a… Read More

Aplastic Anemia : Review notes

Definition        Failure of bone marrow to produce peripheral blood cells and its progenitors Etiology The following illustration gives a brief idea about the etiological factors of aplastic anemia Now going into each etiological factor: – Autoimmune diseases: – Either they affect all the lineages (autoimmune… Read More