Difference between Sarcoidosis and Tuberculosis

Sarcoidosis and tuberculosis are both granulomatous disease with similar constitutional symptoms, respiratory symptoms and multiple organ involvement with hilar and mediastinal lymph node involvement. Hence, the diagnosis of one from the other may pose significant difficulties. Sarcoidosis vs Tuberculosis (TB) IFN-gamma release assays (IGRA)Tuberculosis can… Read More


Antitubercular drug symbols H = Isoniazid R = Rifampicin Z = Pyrazinamide E = Ethambutol S = Streptomycin Km = Kanamycin Cm = Capreomycin Lfx = Levofloxacin Ofx = Ofloxacin Mfx = Moxifloxacin Eto = Ethionamide PAS = Para-aminosalicylic acid Cs = Cycloserine Amx/Clv =… Read More