Calot’s triangle

Synonyms: Calot triangle, Cystohepatic triangle Boundaries: As described by Calot in 1890: Cystic artery Cystic duct Common hepatic duct Calot’s triangle as described in modern surgery: Inferior: Cystic duct Medial: Common hepatic duct Above: Inferior liver surface (right lobe) Contents: Cystic artery Right branch of hepatic… Read More

Gastric Carcinoma : Quick Review

Etiology and Risk factors of Gastric Carcinoma Mnemonic: 14 “A”s Animal foods (smoked, cured or preserved – contains high nitroso- compounds) Anti-oxidant poor foods Acetaldehyde in Alcohol Acid peptic disease or Antigen i.e. H.pylori Atrophic gastritis and Achlorhydria Adenomatous polyps (precursor of intestinal type of gastric cancer)… Read More