Branches of Celiac trunk, Superior and Inferior mesenteric arteries and veins

Celiac trunk (T12)

1. Left gastric artery

  • Esophageal branches
  • Gastric branches

2. Hepatic artery (common)

  • Gastroduodenal artery
    • Supraduodenal artery
    • Superior pancreaticoduodenal artery
    • Right gastro-epiploic artery
  • Hepatic artery proper
    • Right gastric artery
    • Left hepatic artery
    • Right hepatic artery
      • Cystic artery

3. Splenic artery

  • Splenic branches
  • Pancreatic branches (body and tail)
  • Short gastric branches
  • Left gastro-epiploic artery

Superior Mesenteric Artery (L1)

1. Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery

2. Middle colic artery

3. Right colic artery

4. Ileo-colic artery

5. Small intestinal branches (Ileal and Jejunal)

Inferior Mesenteric Artery (L3)

1. Left colic artery

2. Sigmoidal artery

3. Superior rectal artery

celiac trunk SMA IMA

Collateral pathways:

The collateral pathways of the mesenteric arterial circulation include the pancreatico–duodenal arcade, arc of Riolan, arc of Buhler, arc of Barkow, and the marginal artery of Drummond.

  1. Kirk’s arcade: Dorsal pancreatic artery + Inferior pancreatico-duodenal arteries
  2. Arc of Buhler: Celiac artery + Superior mesenteric artery
  3. Arc of Barkow: Left gastroepiploic artery + Right gastroepiploic artery
  4. Arc of Riolan: Superior mesenteric artery (middle colic artery) + Inferior mesenteric artery
  5. Marginal artery of Drummond: Terminal branches of SMA + Terminal branches of IMA

Critical points:

  1. Sudeck’s critical point (rectosigmoid junction): At the point of origin of last sigmoidal arterial branch from IMA
  2. Griffith’s critical point (splenic flexure): At the site of watershed anastomosis between ascending left colic artery and marginal artery of Drummond

Venous counterparts

ArteriesVenous counterpartTributariesDrains into
Celiac arterySplenic veinShort gastric vein
Left gastro-epiploic vein
Pancreatic vein
Inferior mesenteric vein
Portal vein
Superior mesenteric arterySuperior mesenteric veinRight gastro-epiploic vein
Inferior pancreaticoduodenal veins
Jejunal vein
Ileal vein
Ileocolic vein
Right colic vein
Middle colic vein
Portal vein
Inferior mesenteric arteryInferior mesenteric veinSuperior rectal vein
Sigmoidal vein
Left colic vein
Splenic vein

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