Terminologies of Hypertension

There are various terminologies used to describe hypertension which may overlap and are a source of confusion to the medical students and health professionals. Essential or Primary or Idiopathic hypertension Hypertension in which secondary causes have been excluded. Identifiable etiologic factors of essential hypertension: Obesity… Read More

Kawasaki Disease – Diagnostic Criteria Mnemonic

The diagnostic criteria of Kawasaki Disease can be remembered using a mnemonic – “FEBRILE“. Fever: >5 days plus ≥4 of the following Enathem: Lips: Erythema, fissuring or crusting Oropharynx: Diffuse injection Tongue: Strawberry tongue Bulbar conjunctivitis: Bilateral, painless and non-exudative Rash: Polymorphous rash Internal organ involvement… Read More