Inferior Venacava (IVC) Tributaries and Abdominal Aorta Branches : Mnemonic

Inferior Venacava (IVC) Tributaries

1. common Iliac veins (L5) – Origin or Formation

  • Median sacral vein ends in left common iliac vein or the junction of 2 common iliac veins

2. Lumbar veins (L1-L5)

3. Testicular/gonadal veins – right (L2)

4. Renal veins (L1)

  • Since the IVC is not a midline structure, there is a degree of asymmetry of drainage, e.g. the gonadal and suprarenal veins drain into the IVC on the right side, but into the left renal vein on the left.

5. Suprarenal veins – right (L1)

6. Inferior phrenic veins (T8)

7. Hepatic veins (T8)

inferior vena cava tributaries

Abdominal Aorta Branches

Mnemonic: Cesarean Section In Some Races Induces Irregular Late Menstrual Cycle

Celiac arteryAnterior visceralT12
Superior mesenteric arteryL1
Inferior mesenteric arteryL3
Suprarenal artery – middle (1 pair)Lateral visceralT12
Renal artery (1 pair)L1
Internal spermatic or ovarian artery (1 pair)L2
Inferior phrenic artery (1 pair)Lateral abdominalT12
Lumbar artery (4 paired)Lateral abdominal/DorsalL1-L4
Median sacral arteryTerminal/DorsalL4
Common iliac arteries (1 pair)TerminalL4

Superior suprarenal artery originates from Inferior phrenic artery.

Inferior suprarenal artery originates from Renal artery.

Right renal artery passes behind the IVC.

Relationship of abdominal aorta with inferior vena cava

Abdominal aorta travels on left.

IVC travels on right side parallelly, and both can be considered counterparts.

abdominal aorta ivc relations
Posterior wall of the abdominal cavity” by EUSKALANATO is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Above the level of the umbilicus:

  • Aorta is posterior to IVC:
    • Right renal artery (longer) travels behind IVC.
    • Left renal vein (longer) travels anterior to aorta.

Below the level of the umbilicus:

  • Aorta is anterior to IVC:
    • Common iliac arteries are anterior and lateral in relation to common iliac veins.
    • Right common iliac artery (longer) travels anterior to left common iliac vein (longer)
IVC arota mnemonic
Andrew Quentin from Fujisawa, Japan, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Tajiri applying camel clutch to Rene Bonaparte. Remember this picture as a mnemonic for the relation between IVC and aorta. Tajiri can be likened to aorta and Rene can be likened to IVC.

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