Internal and External Jugular Veins with Mnemonics

Jugular veins are the veins that take blood from the head to the heart via Superior Venacava (SVC).

jugular veins
Henry Vandyke Carter, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Internal Jugular Vein (IJV)External Jugular Vein (EJV)
Formation (Drains from)Inferior petrosal sinus + Sigmoid sinus (At or just distal to Jugular foramen)Posterior div. of retromandibular vein + Posterior auricular vein (Within parotid gland at the angle of mandible)
CourseCarotid sheath (lateral-most)Subcutaneous anterolateral neck (superficial then posterior to sternocleidomastoid)
TributariesMnemonic: Medical Schools Let Fun People InMnemonic: PAST
1. Middle thyroid vein
2. Superior thyroid vein
3. Lingual vein
4. common Facial vein (facial vein + ant. branch of retromandibular vein)
5. Pharyngeal plexus
6. Inferior petrosal sinus
1. Posterior external jugular vein
2. Anterior jugular vein
3. Suprascapular vein
4. Transverse cervical vein
Termination (Drains to)Brachiocephalic vein (posterior to sternal end of clavicle deep to sternocleidomastoid)Subclavian vein
Drainage areaMajor venous return from Brain, Upper face and NeckScalp, Face and part of Scapular region
Clinical significanceJugular venous pulse and pressureJugular vein distension

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