Fetal Skull Dimensions : Mnemonic

Anteroposterior Diameters Mnemonic: Larger the alphabets, larger the diameter (V>F>B) Diameters with “sub” prefix are smaller than counterpart without it. mento-Vertical: 14 cm SUB-mento-Vertical: 11.5 cm occipito-Frontal: 11.5 cm SUB-occipito-Frontal: 10.5 cm sub-occipito-Bregmatic: 9.5 cm sub-mento-Bregmatic: 9.5 cm Transverse Diameters Mnemonic: MTP (Medical Termination of… Read More

Female Pelvis

Shapes of the female pelvis Mnemonic: GAP (In order of most common to the least common) Gynecoid (50%) – normal female pelvis Anthropoid (25%) – direct occipito-posterior position is most common in anthropoid pelvis Android (20%) – male type (face to pubes delivery, persistent occipito-posterior… Read More

Mechanoreceptors : Mnemonic

Adaptation of Mechanoreceptors Mnemonic: Life is fast for MPs (Member of Parliament) and slow for MRs. In alphabetical order, meIssner’s come becore meRkel. Hence, Meissner’s corpuscle are the quicker among two. 1. Fast adapting receptors: MP Meissner’s corpuscle Pacinian corpuscle 2. Slowly adapting receptors: MR Merkel… Read More