Neuroanatomy Notes

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This is a compilation of high yield topics on neuroanatomy with visual mnemonics and illustrations targeted for undergraduate medical students who find difficulty in conceptualizing the nervous system.

Author: Dr. Sulabh Kumar Shrestha

Key features:

  1. Covers clinically and academically important topics
  2. Schematic diagrams
  3. Visual mnemonics
  4. Useful for medical students, PG and USMLE aspirants


  1. How to draw mid-brain cross-section?
  2. How to draw pons cross-section?
  3. How to draw medulla cross-section?
  4. Spinal cord cross-section and tracts simplified
  5. Vertebro-basilar arterial systems and syndromes
  6. Circle of willis – mnemonics and drawing
  7. Circle of willis and blood supply of forebrain
  8. Dural reflections and venous sinuses
  9. Microanatomy of cerebral cortex
  10. Brodmann areas and lesions
  11. Thalamic connections
  12. Nuclei of hypothalamus
  13. Internal capsule
  14. Simplified basal ganglia
  15. CSF circulation
  16. Trigeminal nerve
  17. Facial nerve
  18. Auditory pathway and Vestibular pathway
  19. 10 retinal layers
  20. Visual pathway
  21. Horizontal conjugate gaze pathway
  22. Limbic system
  23. Brown-sequard syndrome – Anatomical basis
  24. Lateral medullary syndrome (Wallenberg syndrome) – Anatomical basis
  25. Medial medullary syndrome (Djerine syndrome) – Anatomical basis
  26. Brachial plexus
  27. Lumbar plexus

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this ! it’s amazing. However there are alot of blurred text in this documnet so I would appreciate it if u could fix that to facilitate learning

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