Foramina of Middle Cranial Fossa : Mnemonics

List of Foramina from Anterior to Posterior

Mnemonic: Old Rotund Owls Spin Lazily

owl spin mnemonic
  1. Orbital fissure (Superior orbital fissure, i.e. SOF)
  2. foramen Rotundum
  3. foramen Ovale
  4. foramen Spinosum
  5. foramen Lacerum

These foramina are in the Sphenoid bone.

cranial fossa foramina

Contents of Foramina

1. Superior orbital fissure:

Mnemonic: Everything related to Eyes

  1. CN III (Occulomotor nerve)
  2. CN IV (Trochlear nerve)
  3. CN V1 (Ophthalmic nerve – Lacrimal, frontal and nasociliary branches)
  4. CN VI (Abducens nerve)
  5. Ophthalmic vein

2. Foramen rotundum:

Mnemonic: RoMax

  1. CN V2 (Maxillary nerve)

3. Foramen ovale:

Mnemonic: O-Man/O-MALE

  1. Otic ganglion
  2. CN V3 (Mandibular nerve)
  3. Accessory meningeal artery
  4. Lesser petrosal nerve
  5. Emissary vein

4. Foramen spinosum:

Mnemonic: MMS

  1. Middle meningeal artery
  2. Meningeal branch of mandibular artery

5. Foramen lacerum/Carotid canal:

Mnemonic: LIP

  1. Internal carotid artery
  2. Pterygoid canal (Vidian canal) artery and nerve
    • Vidian artery: branch of maxillary artery
    • Vidian nerve: Greater superficial petrosal nerve + Deep petrosal nerve

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