Chest Tube Insertion or Tube Thoracostomy

Indications of chest tube insertion Pneumothorax: In any ventilated patient (positive airway pressure will force air into the pleural cavity and produce tension pneumothorax) Tension pneumothorax after initial needle thoracocentesis Persistent or Recurrent pneumothorax after simple aspiration Large secondary spontaneous pneumothorax in patients >50 years… Read More

NG tube insertion

Indications Gastric decompression Gavage (feeding) Gastric lavage (irrigation or dilution of gastric contents) Sampling of the gastric contents for analysis Sometimes used to instil air into the stomach to detect a gastric perforation on erect CXR Contraindications Basilar skull fractures (Risk of NG reaching brain)… Read More

Muscles of forearm : Quick review

A) Superficial flexors: Common flexor origin: Medial epicondyle Nerve supply: Median nerve except Flexor carpi ulnaris which is also supplied by ulnar nerve Muscle Insertion Function Nerve Supply Pronator teres Mid-lateral radius Flex forearm MedianĀ  nerve Flexor carpi raialis 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones Flex… Read More