Axillary Artery Mnemonics

Origin of Axillary Artery: Continuation of Subclavian artery Extent of Axillary Artery: Outer border of 1st rib to Lower border of teres major (terminates as brachial artery) Relation to Axillary Vein: Lateral to Axillary Vein 3 Parts of Axillary Artery: In relation to Pectoralis Minor… Read More

Maxillary Artery Mnemonic

Origin of Maxillary artery: Terminal branch of External Carotid Artery (ECA) Derived from: 1st Arch Divisions of Maxillary artery: 3 parts by lateral pterygoid 1st part (Mandibular part): winds around deep to neck of mandible 2nd part (Pterygoid part): travels between 2 heads of lateral… Read More