Respiratory Center Simplified

Mnemonic: Boat starts and PRASaD DIVEs 1. pre-Botzinger complex Starts respiratory rhythm (pacemaker): Boat Starts Location: Between nucleus ambiguus and lateral reticular nucleus (upper medulla) 2. Pneumotaxic center Represses Apneustic center: PR-A Location: Upper pons (Nucleus parabrachialis and Kolliker-fuse nucleus) 3. Apneustic center Stimulates DRG:… Read More

Sleep Stages and EEG : Mnemonic

Mnemonic: BATS Drink Blood – in sleep 1. Awake with eyes open: Beta wave (highest frequency and lowest amplitude) 2. Awake with eyes closed: Alpha wave (synchronized brain activity) 3. NREM/Slow wave/Orthodox sleep (70-80%): Stage 1 (light sleep): Theta waves Stage 2 (intermediate): Sleep spindles… Read More