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house old

Old house down the Melancholy street


Littered rooms that echo in emptiness, the dimness that encroaches everything that enters into the room like a seductress, the old lamp and it’s struggle to keep things safe here and those cracks on the …

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Status Epilepticus Made Simple



1. Seizure: Abnormal or excessive neuronal discharge causing a transient disturbance of cerebral function.

2. Epilepsy: A condition characterized by recurrent (≥2) unprovoked seizures.

3. Status Epilepticus (SE):

a. Conventional definition: 2 fits occur without recovery of consciousness in between or a single fit lasts longer than 30 minutes with or without loss of consciousness. The rationale behind the time limit of 30 minutes is that – irreversible neuronal injury may occur after 30 minutes of seizure activity.

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Peripheral Neuropathy Made Easy

peripheral neuropathy

Step 1: What system is involved – motor, sensory, autonomic or mixed?
a. Sensory involvement:

Positive neuropathic sensory symptoms (PNSS) – suggest Acquired polyneuropathy

prickling, tingling, asleep like numbness

Pain – suggest Small fiber neuropathy due to toxic, metabolic, …

COPD made Easy

drug treatment of copd

According to GOLD, COPD is a common preventable and treatable disease characterized by:

Persistent airflow limitation (Post-bronchodilator FEV1/FVC < 0.7), usually progressive (excludes Asthma)
Associated with enhanced chronic inflammatory response in …

Urea Cycle : Mnemonics

urea cycle

Mnemonic: Orange Cola, Coffee, Alcohol of Argentina For Aggressive Urine

Orange: Ornithine
Cola: Carbamoyl Phosphate
Coffee: Citrulline
Alcohol: Aspartate (enters cycle)
Argentina: Arginosuccinate
For: Fumarate (leaves cycle)
Aggressive: Arginine
Urine: Urea (leaves cycle)

Electron Transport Chain (ETC) and Oxidative Phosphorylation : Mnemonic

mitochondria glucose catabolism

General concepts of ETC and Oxidative Phosphorylation:

1. Occurs in mytochondrial matrix: Glycolysis, Kreb’s cycle
2. Occurs in mitochondrial inner membrane: ETC – Stepwise movement of electrons from high energy to low energy that activates proton pump which …