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house old

Old house down the Melancholy street


Littered rooms that echo in emptiness, the dimness that encroaches everything that enters into the room like a seductress, the old lamp and it’s struggle to keep things safe here and those cracks on the …

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Complications of Long Term Dialysis


A) Cardiovascular complications

1. Exacerbation or Precipitation of CHF – Voluminous AV Fistula

AV shunting → Decreased TPR → BP fall → Sympathetic stimulation & RAAS activation → Ventricular remodeling → Heart failure

Several studies have investigated the cut-off fistula access flow that is associated with a higher risk of high-output cardiac failure, with results ranging between 1.5 and 2.0 l/min

Requires surgical management of AV defect

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Management of Puerperium

lactational amenorrhea mechanism

Normal puerperium has been already discussed earlier here.
A) Immediately after labor within 1 hour

Blood pressure and heart rate atleast every 15 minutes
Monitor amount of vaginal bleeding
Palpate fundus to ensure amount adequate contractions (if relaxed – …

Normal Puerperium Made Simple

cervical os puerperium

Definition of Puerperium: Period following childbirth during which the body tissues, specially the pelvic organs involute i.e. revert back approximately to the pre-pregnant state both anatomically and physiologically – and lasts 6 weeks or 42 …

Multiple Myeloma : Quick Approach

multiple myeloma features

Plasma cell dyscrasia refers to an abnormal proliferation of plasma cells that usually secrete a monoclonal immunoglobulin.
Features vary among various conditions:
Mnemonic: CRAB Infection
1. Calcium increased:



Mnemonic based approach to grading and planning treatment for BPH

diaper adult

During the last 1 month, how often/many times you had to –

1. Frequency: Urinate again <2 hours after you finished urinating ?
2. Urgency: Difficulty in postponing the urine ?
3. Nocturia: Get up to urinate …