Pediatric Xrays : Test I

As you have already read Systematic way of Reading Chest Xrays and few other xray lessons in epomedicine classes. Here is you first Skill test. We will give you few case scenarios and Xray and you need to answer the following.

Self Assessment Test:

I. A neonate on Mechanical ventilator needing high settings shows following findings in Chest Xray Supine view-

CXRay Pneumomediatinium

A. What are the Findings and Diagnosis?

B. How will you manage the case?


II. A newly born baby has respiratory distress and is intubated at birth. The Xray done shows following findings at birth.


A. What is the finding and Diagnosis?

B. What is the prognosis?


III. Child brought with respiratory distress and fever.


A. Findings?

B. Management?


IV. An 8 years child came to OPD with respiratory distress and fever. Chest xray shows-


A. What is the finding?

B. Cause implicated?


V. Baby needed UVC insertion. What are the findings?

xray PV gas

A. Findings?

B.  Management?


ANSWERS- coming up by Monday

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