Laryngeal Muscles : Mnemonics

Extrinsic muscles

Nerve supply: Ansa cervicalis (CN XII + C1, C2, C3)

Infrahyoid muscles (Depressors of larynx):

Mnemonic: TOSS

  1. Thyrohyoid (Thyroid to hyoid)
  2. Omohyoid (Suprascapular notch to hyoid)
  3. Sternohyoid (Sternum to hyoid)
  4. Sternothyroid (Sternum to thyroid)

Suprahyoid muscles (Elevators of larynx):

Mnemonic: MDGS

  1. Mylohyoid (Mandible to hyoid)
  2. Digastric (Mandible and Mastoid to hyoid)
  3. Geniohyoid (Tongue to hyoid)
  4. Stylohyoid (Styloid process to hyoid)

Intrinsic muscles

intrinsic muscles of larynx
Schematic diagram of intrinsic muscles of larynx. E – Epiglottis; T – Thyroid; C – Cricoid; A – Arytenoids.
ThyroepiglotticusThyroaryetenoid muscleEpiglottis (lateral surface)Opens laryngeal inlet
AryepiglotticusOblique arytenoid muscleEpiglottisCloses laryngeal inlet
Posterior cricoarytenoidCricoid (posterior/lamina)ArytenoidAbductor of vocal cords
Lateral cricoarytenoidCricoid (lateral/arch)ArytenoidAdductor of vocal cords
Interarytenoid (Transverse and Oblique)ArytenoidArytenoidAdductor of vocal cords
CricothyroidCricoidThyroidTensor of vocal cords
Thyroarytenoid/VocalisThyroidArytenoid (Thyroarytenoid)/Vocal ligament (Vocalis)Relaxor of vocal cords
functions of intrinsic muscles of larynx

Nerve supply:

Mnemonic: SCAR

1. Superior laryngeal nerve (External laryngeal nerve): Cricothyroid

2. All other muscles: Recurrent laryngeal nerve

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