Modified Ashworth Scale for Spasticity : Mnemonic

Ashworth scale tests resistance to passive motion about a joint with varying degrees of velocity. Modified Ashworth Scale (Bohannon and Smith, 1987) has 1+ grading between grades 1 and 2. Modified Ashworth Scale (Ansari, 2006) has been described here.

Mnemonic: Ashworth is a juggling clown

ashworth scale mnemonic

0 : 0 is nothing (normal muscle tone)

1 : 1stly he needs to CATCH the balls to juggle (slightly increased tone, CATCHES near end of ROM)

2 : Juggling 2 balls is EASY (markedly increased tone, CATCH in middle ROM, but affected part EASILY moved)

3 : Juggling 3 balls is DIFFICULT (considerable increased tone, DIFFICULT Passive ROM)

4 : Juggling 4 balls is IMPOSSIBLE (rigid in flexion and extension)

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