Anatomy of Ostiomeatal complex

Synonyms: Ostiomeatal unit, Osteomeatal complex, OMC Definition: The term “ostiomeatal unit” represents the area on the lateral nasal wall (middle meatus) that receives drainage from the anterior  and medial ethmoid cells, frontal sinus, and maxillary sinus. It is an antomically constricted area that is prone… Read More

X-ray Soft Tissue Neck

Anatomy: Retropharyngeal space: Extends from the base of the skull down to the level of the carina, and is located between the buccopharyngeal mucosa and the prevertebral fascia. Prevertebral space: A potential space that is located between the anterior aspect of the vertebral body and the prevertebral fascia. It… Read More

X-ray of Mastoids

While we have more sophisticated radiological techniques of examination of the mastoids, the ability to read an X-ray of mastoid is a must for the undergraduate students of the medicine. While describing an X-ray in ENT or Otorhinolaryngology, you need to comment on these points:… Read More