Gastric glands and cells

Anatomically, stomach can be divided into 3 parts from above to below: Cardiac Fundus and body/corpus Pyloric/Antral Gastric pits deepen as we move below from cardiac to pyloric glands. Mucus secreting cells are present in all 3 glands – cardiac, fundic and pyloric but predominate… Read More

Respiratory Center Simplified

Mnemonic: Boat starts and PRASaD DIVEs 1. pre-Botzinger complex Starts respiratory rhythm (pacemaker): Boat Starts Location: Between nucleus ambiguus and lateral reticular nucleus (upper medulla) 2. Pneumotaxic center Represses Apneustic center: PR-A Location: Upper pons (Nucleus parabrachialis and Kolliker-fuse nucleus) 3. Apneustic center Stimulates DRG:… Read More