Severe Malaria : Quick revision

Criteria for Severe and Complicated Malaria Positive peripheral blood smear for P.falciparum + ≥1 of the CHAPLINS (Mnemonic) Convulsions: >2 in 24 hour Cerebral edema (Consciousness impaired) Hypoglycemia (glucose <40 mg/dl) Hemorrhage (DIC) Hemoglobinuria (Black water fever) Anemia (hemoglobin <5 gm/dl or PCV <15% in… Read More

Thoracocentesis : Practical Essentials

Absolute contraindications of thoracocentesis There are no absolute contraindications to diagnostic thoracocentesis. If clinical judgement dictates that the information gained from the pleural fluid analysis may help in diagnosis and therapy, thoracocentesis should be performed. Necessity of an immediate alternative procedure such as open thoracostomy… Read More