Rickettsial Diseases Mnemonic

Rickettsia is a gram negative obligate intracellular parasite. As shown in the table above, human is only an incidental host except in louse-borne epidemic typhus. Disease Agent Vectors Typhus group Epidemic typhus or Brill Zinsser disease R. prowazekii Louse Murine/Endemic typhus R.typhi (R.mooseri) Flea Spotted… Read More

Thoracocentesis : Practical Essentials

Absolute contraindications of thoracocentesis There are no absolute contraindications to diagnostic thoracocentesis. If clinical judgement dictates that the information gained from the pleural fluid analysis may help in diagnosis and therapy, thoracocentesis should be performed. Necessity of an immediate alternative procedure such as open thoracostomy… Read More

MEN syndrome Mnemonics

MEN syndrome is an autosomal dominant (AD) predisposition to developing multiple endocrine tumors. Points to remember: Parathyroid hyperplasia is common to Men I and Men IIa syndrome. Medullary carcinoma of thyroid is common to MEN IIa and MEN IIb syndrome. MEN I occurs due to… Read More

Rib Notching

Normal Rib Notching A small notch near the costo-vertebral joint is normal, so pathologic rib notching is more likely if the notching is more lateral. Types of Pathological Rib Notching 1. Superior rib notching 2. Inferior rib notching (more common) Inferior Rib Notching (Roesler’s sign)… Read More