Pheochromocytoma : Mnemonics

Pheochromocytoma is a catecholamine-producing tumor arising from chromaffin cells of the sympathetic nervous system derived embryologically from the primitive neural crest cells.


  1. Adrenal medulla (most common)
  2. Organ of Zuckerkandl, i.e. ganglia at bifurcation of aorta (second most common)
  3. Paragangliomas (anywhere along parasympathetic chain)
Adrenal pheochromocytoma
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Clinical features

Mnemonic: 5 H or 7 P’s

5 H7 P
HypertensionParoxysmal rise in pressure (BP)
HeadachePain (headache)
HyperhidrosisPerspiration (hyperhidrosis)
Pain (abdomen)
PMV in urine
Hypertension, headache and hyperhidrosis are present in 95% cases.

Rule of 10s

  1. 10% are bilateral
  2. 10% are extra-adrenal
  3. 10% are malignant (higher in extra-adrenal – upto 40%)
  4. 10% are familial
  5. 10% are pediatric
  6. 10% are calcified

Inherited syndromes of (Familial) Pheochromocytoma

1 – NF 1

2 – MEN 2

3 – VHL (3 letter word and Chromosome 3) and MEN 3

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