Auditory Pathway Mnemonic

Auditory Pathway Component Mnemonic E.C.O.L.I.M.A Ascending from peripheral to central the components are: Ear receptors (Hair cells) in Cochlea and Eighth Cranial nerve (CN VIII) Cochlear nucleus Superior Olivary nucleus Lateral lemniscus Inferior colliculus Medial geniculate body Auditory cortex Explanation of the Mnemonic Ear receptors… Read More

Branchial Apparatus Made Easy

Synonym: Pharyngeal apparatus Branchial (resembling fish gills) apparatus is like a sandwich – mesoderm and neural crest cells (branchial arch) between opposing outer ectoderm (cleft or groove) and inner endoderm (pouch). They develop around the pharyngeal foregut and are wedged between the developing heart and brain. Note… Read More