Le Fort Fractures : Mnemonics

Le Fort fractures are the fractures that separate mid-face from the skull.


All of these subtypes involve a fracture of the pterygoid plate.

LeFort typeFracture configurationMnemonicMnemonic
IHorizontalFloating palateSpeak no evil – fracture through maxilla just above roots of teeth (affects speaking)
IIPyramidalFloating maxillaSee no evil – slightly higher; triangle around nasal cavity with apex into inferior part of orbit (also affects seeing)
IIITransverse a.k.a Craniofacial dysjunctionFloating faceHear no evil – higher; goes through middle of orbit and base of skull (also affects hearing)
IVLefort III + frontal bone involvement
CSF rhinorrhea occurs in type II and III due to injury in cribriform plate.

Reference: Type 1, 2, 3 Le Fort Fracture Classification Mnemonic: Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery and Radiology β€” EZmed (ezmedlearning.com)

Further reading: Lefort Fractures – EyeWiki (aao.org)

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