Milkmaid’s grip in Chorea

Milkmaid’s Grip Milk maids grip is appreciated as an alternating squeezing and releasing of the finger like a milking motion, when asked to maintain a constant, firm grip of examiner’s fingers. This may reflect a combination of Chorea and Motor impersistence. As a result of… Read More

Gower’s sign

Synonyms: Gower’s maneuver, Myopathic walking, Butt-first maneuver Identifying Gower’s sign To check for Gower’s sign, place the patient in the supine position and ask him to rise. A positive Gower’s sign – an inability to lift the trunk without using the hands and arms to… Read More

Lhermitte’s Sign

Synonym: Lhermitte’s phenomenon, Barber chair phenomenon Definition of Lhermitte’s Sign Lhermitte’s sign (pronounced Ler-meets) is an electric shock-like sensations, spreading along the spine in a cervico-caudal direction and into the arms and legs felt upon active or passive flexion of the neck. Reverse Lhermitte’s Sign… Read More