Ophthalmology Spot Diagnosis: Hyphema

Definition: Accumulation of blood in the Anterior Chamber (AC). Causes: a. Post-traumatic: Trauma or surgery b. Spontaneous: Neovascularization Ocular neoplasms Vascular and clotting anomalies (leukemia, hemophilia, aspirin) Grading for Traumatic Hyphema: 0 : No layered blood, circulating RBCs only (Microhyphema) 1: Layered blood filling <… Read More

X-ray Soft Tissue Neck

Anatomy: Retropharyngeal space: Extends from the base of the skull down to the level of the carina, and is located between the buccopharyngeal mucosa and the prevertebral fascia. Prevertebral space: A potential space that is located between the anterior aspect of the vertebral body and the prevertebral fascia. It… Read More