Corner Stitch

Synonym: Half-buried horizontal mattress suture

Indications: V, Y or X-pattern laceration repair

Risk: Dermal stitch may be placed too close to the tip of the flap and compromise the tenuous blood supply

Suture: Non-absorbable

Principle: When repairing, this stitch must be placed first

Landmark sites (2 on each site of wound):

  1. Point 1 along left base of Y (6-8 mm from corner)
  2. Point 2 at left upper arm of Y (4 mm from corner)
  3. Point 3 at right upper arm of Y (4 mm from corner)
  4. Point 4 along right base of Y (6-8 mm from corner)
corner stitch


  1. Enter Point 1 (Dermis to Epidermis)
  2. Enter Point 2 (Subcuticular)
  3. Enter Point 3 (Subcuticular)
  4. Enter Point 4 (Dermis to Epidermis)
  5. Square knot across the base of Y (knot is placed in front of the tip of the apex).

Further reading: Modifications of Corner-stitch

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