Aberdeen Knot

To end continuous suture, either a square knot, surgeon’s knot or an Aberdeen knot is required. The Aberdeen knot has been shown to be superior to a surgeon’s knot.

Recommendations on number of throws:

  1. Basic Surgical Skills Course, 2002 (RCS): 6
  2. Schaaf et.al., 2009: 4
  3. Stott et.al., 2007: 3


  1. Finish the continuous suture pattern.
  2. Pull the final loop of the suture loose.
  3. Pull the free end of the suture through the final loop whilst creating the loop with the free end.
  4. Pull the new loop with the free end created tight. This equals one throw.
  5. Place more throws in the same way as per the recommendations.
  6. To end, pull the free end through the loop completely without creating a new loop.

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