Transpyloric Plane : Mnemonic

Synonyms: Addison’s plane

Definition: An imaginary horizontal line (halfway between suprasternal notch and pubic symphysis) through the L1 vertebra, a line that is important when performing radiographic imaging studies.

transpyloric plane
Mikael Häggströmde la traducción Ortisa, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Structures lying in transpyloric plane:


  1. Termination of spinal cord
  2. Renal hilum – Left only
    • Transpyloric plane (L1) goes through only 1 hilum, i.e. Left
    • Right kidney is 2.5 cm lower than left
  3. Artery – superior mesenteric artery (SMA)
  4. Ninth rib
  5. S:
    • Splenic flexure of colon
    • Splenic hilum
    • Second part of duodenum
  6. P:
    • Pylorus of stomach
    • Portal vein origin
    • Pancreatic neck
  7. Y: Nothing
  8. L:
    • L1 vertebral body
    • Liver (hepatic flexure of colon)
  9. O: Oddi (sphincter of oddi)
  10. R: Root of transverse mesocolon
  11. I: Ignore
  12. C: Cysterna chyli

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