Bronchopulmonary segments : Mnemonic

Features of Bronchopulmonary segments

  1. Subdivision of the lobe of lung
  2. Pyramidal in shape – apex towards hilum and base towards lung surface
  3. Surrounded by connective tissue
  4. Aerated by segmental (tertiary) bronchus
  5. Each segment has it’s own artery (segmental branch of pulmonary artery)
  6. Drained by intersegmental veins (tributaries of pulmonary veins)
  7. Surgically resectable

Right Lung

Mnemonic: A PALM Seed Makes Another Little Palm (from top to bottom)

1. Superior lobe:

  • Apical
  • Posterior
  • Anterior

2. Middle lobe:

  • Lateral
  • Medial

3. Inferior lobe:

  • Superior
  • Medial basal
  • Anterior basal
  • Lateral basal
  • Posterior basal
bronchopulmonary segments schematic
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Left Lung

Instead of lateral and medial segment as described in middle lobe of right lung, the left lung lingula has:

  1. Superior lingular bronchopulmonary segment
  2. Inferior lingular bronchopulmonary segment

Some books mention 8 bronchopulmonary segments in left lung, and in these situations, it is due to merging of:

  1. Apical + Posterior segment in upper lobe = Apicoposterior
  2. Anterior + Medial basal segments in lower lobe = Anteromedial

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