Venous Drainage of Heart : Mnemonic

Mnemonic: CAT

1. Coronary sinus (50%): Drains blood from left side of heart β†’ Thebesian valve β†’ Right Atrium

  • Location: Posterior coronary (atrio-ventricular) sulcus
  • Tributaries:
    • Left marginal vein β†’ Great cardiac vein (anterior interventricular sulcus) β†’ Coronary sinus
    • Right marginal vein β†’ Small cardiac vein (right posterior coronary sulcus) β†’ Coronary sinus
    • Middle cardiac vein (posterior interventricular sulcus) β†’ Coronary sinus
    • Oblique vein of left atrium (oblique vein of Marshall)
    • Posterior vein of left ventricle
venous drainage of heart

2. Anterior cardiac veins (20%): Drain blood from right side of heart β†’ Right Atrium

  • Location: Right anterior coronary sulcus

3. Thebesian veins/Venae cordis minimi (30%): Drain deoxygenated blood from endocardium and myocardium β†’ Respective chamber of heart

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